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Skirting board in white - Hamburger Leiste | MDF & solid wood | skirting boards in white

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Touch up varnish bottle white for foil 9010
Touch up varnish bottle white for foil 9010
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Touch up varnish bottle white for solid wood 9016
Touch up varnish bottle white for solid wood 9016
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  • LS24SWAN10056
Made in Germany

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REESE baseboards and skirting boards are always an excellent choice - especially when it comes... more

REESE baseboards and skirting boards are always an excellent choice - especially when it comes to quality, stability or appearance. In your living room, kitchen, children's room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway or hallway - REESE skirting boards always make a top figure. They can be combined with almost all floors, such as carpet, vinyl, laminate, parquet or tile, and can also be easily painted over if the style changes. In any of our high-quality skirting finishes - wrapped in premium foil, multi-layer opaque lacquer, oiled or raw and natural - our skirting boards integrate perfectly into the pleasant atmosphere of your living space. Now beautify your modern furnished apartment, your half-timbered house, or your old building with REESE skirting boards - the skirting boards for an excellent finish between wall and floor. And thanks to the integrated cable channel, your apartment will always look neat and tidy. Always good value! Always chic.

Product features:


  • Selected moldings: as selection
  • Selected accessories: as selection (+)


  • Height: as selection
  • Selected wood species, e.g.: MDF, beech, oak, spruce
  • Selected surface, e.g.: Foil, none (raw), lacquered, oiled
  • Selected color, e.g.: White, Natural

General information

  • Length of the slats: 2300mm
  • Width / depth of the strips: 18mm, unless otherwise specified
  • Dimensions of corner towers: 20x20mm (WxL)
  • Fastening of the strips: gluing, nailing, screwing
  • Fixing of corner towers: gluing
  • Square strip: 4-sided foiled / varnished / oiled
  • Facing strip: 2-sided foiled / lacquered / oiled
  • Molding adhesive POWER: Pattex mounting adhesive Power, 370g
  • Bulky goods: Yes (strips), No (accessories)

MADE IN GERMANY: Skirting boards & skirting board corners from REESE

Beech and oak are hardwoods and therefore much more stable than softwoods, such as spruce.

All orders of our solid wood skirting boards may include approximately 15% drop in length.

The price is for 1 piece or package in the specified / selected product characteristics.

Refine your living space now -
with your new premium skirtings from REESE.

Profile (shape): Munich (rounded), Leipzig (beveled), Quarter Round, Attachment strip, Weimar (germany), Hamburg / Berlin , Pattex Power Kleber, Quadrat / Vierkantleisten
Material (wood type): MDF, Beech
Surface: foiled, lackiert
Color: white
Length: 2300mm, Sample piece about 10cm
Wide: 18mm
Height: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm
Mounting: Gluing, Screws, Nailing
Bulky goods: Ja
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